Summer 2013 – The Plan

“Somewhere along the line I knew there’d be girls, visions, everything; somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me.”
РJack Kerouac, On the Road


Three New Jersey improvisors, a car, and a hopefully not so dumb idea. ¬†Michael Hochman, Christopher Brown, Joshua Yepez, and about a dozen or so improv hubs over about 2 weeks. That’s what Improv Kerouac is.

We plan to see improv, perform improv, and pick people’s brains about improv, as we travel from city to city this summer. We hope to get a feel for what makes improv hubs, big and small, tick. We hope to meet tons of great performers, teachers, students, and audiences.

If you are part of an improv community, and think we should consider stopping in, let us know.

What we are looking for in each city we visit:

  • An improv community, big or small. If it’s one theater, or a dozen, we are interested. If it’s just shows at bar with a lively audience, we are interested.
  • A chance to see or do a show. We will be in each city only one, maybe two, nights. If possible, we’d love to play a set. At the very least, we want to see something. Obviously not every community has shows going every night, so we realize this could be tricky.
  • A place to crash. We are doing this on little to no money. We will be trying to raise some money to cover our gas and food, but are heavily going to be relying on the generous spirit of the improv community for places to sleep. Couches or floors are fine by us.
  • Someone or someones to interview. We wanna pick your brains about the history of your improv community, the future of your community, and the types of shows you are creating. We plan to do some sort of blog / podcast / video podcast thing.

Wanna have us visit your city? Email Mike at